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Wide range on stock indices, equity shares and commodities

Contract for Difference (CFDs) are derivative tradable products allowing investors to trade on the price movements of related wide-ranging economic assets including indices, stocks, energies and commodity Futures.

With the use of this CFDs, you don’t need to purchase the products. You can easily obtain benefit from difference amidst the closing and opening price for any certain position that has been opened using a CFD instrument. It is important to understand that you must not be the owner of the asset being traded by you.

You can buy or sell CFDs, allowing you to book profits by speculating on the price movements of the underlying market, whether it is rising or falling. CFD trading does not involve exchange fees and is perceived as being more efficient than buying and selling the underlying products upon which the contracts are based. CFDs are traded on margin, using leverage to maximize your trading capital.

Why AlmondFX?

AlmondFX is one of the most popular forex brokerage company which offer multiple benefits of online CFD trading to traders. Using our reliable trading platforms, all clients can trade multiple global assets from one single account without any restrictions or minimum stop loss/take profit levels. We provide individual traders easy access to a variety of market range that was inaccessible before opting for online CFD trading.

CFD acts as a flexible vehicle for investment with no expiry date for your contracts. You can decide the closing date for your position with the realization of loss or profit from the trade. You can hire AlmondFX: the best CFD broker for understanding the domains of CFD which includes several benefits such as trading option during rising or fall of the market and 24-hour trading possibility with numerous instruments for use.

CFDs Trading Benefits

  Shares, indices, currencies and future commodities
  High leverage; enlarge your return on investment
  Ideal for hedging strategies during volatile times
  Trade CFDs anywhere, anytime on your mobile device

Leverage & Margin Spreads & Conditions

Our experienced and helpful staff are always on hand should you need assistance with CFD trading although it is to be remembered that our staff are not authorised under our regulatory permissions to provide investment advice to you.

Why Choose AlmondFX as Your CFD Broker?

When you pick a CFD broker from AlmondFX, you get an array of benefits to trade with which includes


With AlmondFX, you get the confidence to trade with internationally recognized services for Forex brokerage.


With CFD, you get to trade with numerous instruments that include indices, commodities, stocks as well as cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum and Bitcoin.


Manage all your trades with the use of an automated trading option or manual trade management.


Use our educational materials and hire help from our experienced forex brokers to stay updated with the latest trend in the Forex market.


Obtain the maximum possible leverage from numerous CFDs available at AlmondFX.


Just like our Forex services, we are available for any kind of enquiry 24/5 with Multilanguage support and dedicated manager for all the accounts.

AlmondFX Clients can Trade the following CFDs:

Described as any tangible product for which a market exists, commodities are widely traded through CFDs. Commodity CFDs cover a vast range of products such as metals, minerals, food grains, oil, energy and coffee. Often used as a strategy by investors against inflation, Commodity CFD trading has seen a surge in the number of transactions per annum in recent years.